Our world is a fascinating place of thoughts. Our thoughts, whether adapted or conceived, play a significant role in our lives. There have been enough studies, both psychological and spiritual that show how our thoughts matter in our lives and can affect the world around us. Thoughts that lead to further actions and outcomes have a deeper impact on our world. Looking at various discoveries and stories in multifarious dimensions or domains of life, like inventions, businesses, individual achievements, movies, problems, healing and even writing this book – almost everything has a seed of thought, which means that everything eventually starts with a thought before materializing.

It is my belief, that whatever you sow in your thoughts, you will reap in real life. Hence, living your life is more like a conscious choice of your thoughts. Moreover, all of us go through a series of experiences that are filled with multifarious life experiences but unfortunately, most of these experiences go unnoticed and unremembered. 

As everything begins and ends at the level of thought, another interesting conclusion that can be derived is that most of the time the life that has been lived remains in your memories as thoughts. Thus, we can conclude that your thoughts matter. Let’s discover more about this phenomenon through this self-help book (YTM: Your Thoughts Matter) to pursue holistic success, satisfaction, and happiness (SSH) in various aspects of your life.

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Mr. Deepak Sharma has many feathers in his cap. To name a few, he is a globally recognized and award-winning professional life & wellness coach. He is also a career & personal counsellor, HR consultant, mystic, yogi, traveller, the founder and president of ‘Deeproserves’ and ‘Yogalaya.’ For more than two decades, he has been globally engaged with many organizations, universities, schools, NGOs, groups and individuals to help them attain successful personal and professional transformation and success in life.

He was born and raised in New Delhi, India, with limited resources, but those limited resources could not stop him to think and dream endlessly. His initial years of struggle paid him off well and gradually he found his way to grow, earn, learn and succeed while working with diverse organizations on global platforms for 15 long years and travelling extensively to various places. During this journey of exploring, learning and experiencing various aspects of life, he underwent not only personal and professional transformation but spiritual transformation as well.

Therefore, his book, ‘YTM: Your Thoughts Matter’ is not just a work of weeks or months but a crux of his concisely amalgamated years of explorations, experimentations, and experiences. His intention behind writing his self-help book is not to obtain commercial benefits but to genuinely help people pursue holistic success, satisfaction, and happiness in life.


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